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TecCoat® Mission

TecCoat® is dedicated to a cleaner future of metal treatments by using the newest technology that includes non hazardous raw materials and environmentally friendly components to provide top protection qualities at reduced cost to our environment and in many cases our customers budgets.  Custom tailored BRUGAL® products are unmatched in terms of quality, performance and cost efficiency. TecCoat®  sees a future that will regulate carcinogenic and mutagenic hexavalent chromium for metal plating in the United States, just as Europe did in its domestic appliances and automotive industry in 2006 and 2007 respectively. 


Our Partners in Spain

We work directly with ProCoat Tecnologias®, a Spanish company, that has been supplying Europe with its patented coating technology, "BRUGAL®," since the 1970s. Since the EU's tighter regulation on hexavalent chrome in 2006, our partners in Spain have been supplying customers with trivalent chrome and chrome free solutions that are RoHS Compliant and do not sacrifice durability for a cleaner product.TecCoat®  has the sole right in the United States and Canada to import specialized BRUGAL® products that offer tailored solutions for your metal treatment needs.  With over 30 years in the European markets, BRUGAL® products are enjoyed by many galvanization sectors, giving increased performance, decreasing operation costs and environmental impact.


Savings and Sustainability

TecCoat® incorporates the principles of sustainable development into all areas of its operations, working closely with its customers and suppliers to design better products for consumers and the environment. To do so, TecCoat® strives greatly to bridge the gap of sustainability and savings by developing products that offer financially sound decisions for our customers as well as fulfilling the social responsibility towards their employees and the environment.  We find that sustainability and savings are achievable by incorporating advances in nanotechnology into our product.

What we do

Coil Coating Lines


TecCoat® offers tailored solutions for coil lines to help keep lines moving faster and more efficiently; offering products that are eco-friendly, reduce waste and save money all while providing top corrosion protection to your steel.

Paint Alternatives


Ditch traditional, costly painting lines with some of our spray on, eco-friendly products designed to chemically treat for corrosion resistance as well as color for aesthetics.  A wide variety of uses are coming into the American market, ask us about guardrail applications!

Hot Dip Galvanizers


TecCoat® offers trivalent chrome  passivation solutions as well as "Thin Organic Coatings" to add value, and even color, to your galvanized steel and galvalume. TecCoat® works closely with ProCoat Tecnologias®, a company based in Barcelona, on advances in coating technology. BRUGAL® products are high performance,  NON-TOXIC, environmentally safe, resource and cost efficient  AND RoHS compliant.  

Some of our products



BRUGAL ® products DO NOT sacrifice performance for safety and sustainability.  With recent advancements in organic coatings, we don't need to cut corners; our researchers are able to cut out costs, cut out pollutants, and cut out performance concerns all at the same time.  It has led us to a better product both from a DURABILITY  and SUSTAINABILITY standpoint


In Any Weather

BRUGAL® Products help protect structures from degradation in even the most adverse weather conditions where steel and other metals are susceptible to rusting. (Parking structure coated with green BRUGAL® COLOR in 2008.


Custom Solutions Step by Step

(Left) A sales manager from TecCoat® inspects a newly charged passivation tank.  Supported by our technical advisors, our sales managers become the quick bridge for solutions to process problems.  Using BRUGAL®  usually cuts out steps in the overall process, saving time and money.


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